Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps

TP Pumps offer two ranges of swimming pool pumps, the popular Swimmey range from Nocchi and the inexpensive Pool Buddy range.  We can also source alternative makes/models depending on your individual requirements.

Swimming Pool Pumps
Model HP KW Litres p/min Price
Swimmey Range
SW12 0.5 0.37 210 £575
SW15 0.75 0.5 250 £595
SW19 1 0.75 310 £645
SW24 1.3 1 400 £765
SW28 1.5 1.1 480 £845
SW33 2 1.5 550 £915
All of the above are available in singe and 3 phase
Swim Buddy Range
Swim Buddy 11 0.18 180 £170
Swim Buddy 15 0.37 250 £180
Swim Buddy 19 0.6 315 £190
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The Swimmey pumps have the following characteristics:

  • Rapid self-priming
  • Reinforced engineering polymer pump casing and filter
  • Glass-reinforced Lexan impeller and diffuser with good resistance to abrasion by sand
  • Motor suitable for use in hot, damp conditions
  • Built-in overload cutout (single-phase version)
  • Oversized bearings with lifetime lubrication
  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Screw-on filter cover with Teflon-coated ‘o’ ring seal
  • Stable plastic base to dampen vibrations

All pumps available as single or three phase.


Swim Buddy Swimming Pool Pumps

The swim buddy range pumps are all complete with integral strainer baskets under a clear strainer basket to collect leaves and stray wildlife thay may end up in the pool. Continuously rated 230v motors. 2″ Inlet/Outlet external glue fit. 1½”  internal BSP female also supplied

  • Swim Buddy 11 =0.25kW, 180L/M, 7M/H
  • Swim Buddy 15 = 0.37kW, 250L/M, 11M/H
  • Swim Buddy 19 = 0.6kW, 315L/M, 14M/H



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