Small Pressure Sets

Small Pressure Sets

Pressure sets are designed to boost low pressure and flow in existing supplies, or to provide a self-contained supply of pressurised water from a well or reservoir without the need for header tanks and float switches.

Model Lpm Max Head Max suction lift KW Price
JET 60/50 Pressure Set 55 45 7mtrs 1 £295
Waterpress 70 50 7mtrs 1 £325
MCX 120/60 120 60 7mtrs 1 £740
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The electric pump is mounted on top of a steel pressure tank containing a rubber membrane which is surrounded by pressurised air. This air is further compressed as water is pumped into the membrane until a pre-set pressure is reached at which point the pressure switch automatically turns the pump off and a non-return valve prevents the water running back. The compressed air acts as a spring which stores the pressure while the pump is not running. The store of water under pressure is available immediately a tap is turned on (or a ball cock opens) and as the pressure in the tank starts to drop, the pump switches back on automatically. The pressure switch and air pressure can be adjusted by the user if necessary to suit individual applications.

Jet 60/50 Pressure Set

Suitable for house supply with one or two taps connected to the rising main. Ideal for shower boosting and garden watering.

Water Press

Higher flow and pressure for domestic supplies (particularly with unvented hot water systems e.g. combi boilers) Also for plate coolers and irrigation systems.

Multipress 120/60

High volume and pressure for supplies to larger houses, unvented hot water systems, Catering establishments, plate coolers, Irrigation etc. Very quiet in operation.


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