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Shakesby TT Water Softener

The Shakesby TT range of water softeners are of industrial quality design and operate to a much higher level of efficiency than the simple ‘under sink’ type of domestic softeners. This results in long life with minimal maintenance and also low running costs as salt consumption is greatly reduced in comparison.

Shakesby Softeners
Model Price
TT1054 £3142
TT1354 £3684
TT1665 £4311
Call to enquire 01769 579487
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The industrial quality Fleck 2510 control valve is operated by an advanced microprocessor which monitor the water flow and automatically initiate the backwash and regeneration routine (during the night) when a preset consumption figure has been reached. Each system is pre programmed to suit the hardness level and flow requirements of individual customer sites.

Brine makeup is carried out automatically and the only user requirements is to top up the large capacity brine tank with salt pebbles as required.

Smaller domestic options available.


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