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Replacement Sediment Filter Cartridges

TP Pumps offer a range of replacement sediment filer cartridges

Replacement Cartridges
Size Micron Type Price
10" 1 Disposable spun £6.50
10" 5 Disposable spun £5.50
10" 5 Disposable String £6.80
10" 50 Washable Plastic £12.00
10" 25 Disposable Carbon £18.00
20" 5 Disposable string £12.50
20" 50 Washable Pleated £19.50
20" 10 Disposable carbon £30.00
BB 10" 5 Disposable spun £26.00
BB 20" 5 Disposable spun £45.00
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Filter housings have ¾” female BSP fittings and can be simply fitted into existing piping with standard plumbing fittings.
DUAL SYSTEMS Two filters can be coupled together with a washable cartridge in
the first to remove the majority of the sediment followed by a disposable cartridge to remove
any very fine sediment remaining. In many cases this can reduce the consumption of disposable
Big Blue filter housings have a 1″ female BSP fittings on the 10″ and a 1 1/2″ on the 20″.

It is recommended to install sediment filtration prior to Ultra Violet filtration.  This ensures the Ultra Violet unit performs at its optimum level and improves the clarity of the water.



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