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Rain Water Harvesting

TP Pumps offer bespoke rainwater harvesting kits to suit individual requirements.

Rainwater Harvesting Parts Price
Filter £250
Calmed Inlet £35
Overflow Siphon £55
Floating pump intake and hose kit £65
Call to enquire 01769 579487
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Rainwater harvesting is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to store water for non-consumption purposes. The average household in the UK uses around 150 litres of water per day, just 3% of which is for human consumption. Properly filtered rainwater is perfectly suitable for use in toilet flushing, clothes washing, cleaning, and gardening. With a properly implemented rainwater harvesting system in place, it is possible to use up to 50% less treated water without any effect upon levels of hygiene or comfort. rainwater harvesting is a sustainable solution to rainwater management challenges

Rain flows from the roof to the filter, which separates leaves and other debris from the water. As the water flows to the tank, the debris is washed to the storm water system or to a soak-away. 3P Technik rainwater filters are complete with easily removable and cleanable stainless steel inserts compatible with various systems. Removing the biological load to a RWH tank allows the underground tank to self sterilise.

Calmed Inlet
The DN 100 and DN 125 are ideally suited to domestic applications. Carrying out the second cleaning step in the rainwater tank, the calmed inlet is designed to prevent water from disturbing sediment within the tank, while at the same time ensuring fresh water is supplied to the lower area of the tank. This ensures the best possible water quality by forcing complete and regular replenishment of stored water, whilst preventing sediment at the base of the tank from becoming disturbed, protecting pumps and appliances.

Overflow siphon
Residual particles, such as pollens or other airborne particles which are less dense than water will float inside the tank. 3P Technik’s expertly designed Overflow Siphons provide for a skimming of the water when it overflows the RWH tank. This promotes the removal of this floating layer, preventing souring of the water, and ensuring optimum long term water quality. Ensure your system provider fits an independent overflow. Overflow back through the filter traps floating layers, leading to long term problems.

Floating pump intake complete with 2 mtr 1″ hose kit
Floating just beneath the water’s surface where the rainwater is cleanest, the 3P Floating Intake draws water from the tank for use in its various applications. The Floating Pump is supported by a durable plastic ball float and features an additional filter and check valve.

We can offer a number of options in relation to storage tanks and pumps call for more information.


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