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Manganese Removal Filtration

Regenerating filtration units for the effective removal of manganese from private water supplies.

Manganese Green Sand Filter
Model Price
MG1354 £3,275
MG1665 £3,695
Clean Water wash £250
Shut off Valve £165
3/4" Bypass Manifold £160
1" Bypass Manifold £285
Call to enquire 01769 579487
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MG filters use a manganese dioxide coated media. Originally this was a product called Manganese Greensand hence the ‘MG’ prefix. The current media is a direct equivalent and works by way of oxidation reduction. This process is finite and the media must be ‘regenerated’ once a predetermined volume of water has been treated.

The regenerant used is typically potassium permanganate, this regeneration process is fully automatic.

The level of Manganese and Iron in the water being treated has a direct influence on service flow rate. The higher the values the lower the flow rate.


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