JS 400SV Non Clog Sewage Pump

The JS400SV Non Clog Pump is a high performance wastewater pump. The pump is of heavy duty construction using stainless steel and cast iron which provides excellent resistance to corrosive liquids. Available in manual, automatic or automatic with overload protection.


Pump Type Manual Automatic with Float switch Automatic with float & overload protection
JS400SV £295 £335 £395
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Dual winding high torque start ensures start up even in heavy sludge conditions.

Dual mechanical silicon carbide and carbon ceramic seals give exceptionally long life under arduous conditions.

Float switch and electrical overload protection unit for unattended operation.

Designed for Pumping extra dirty water containing suspended solids.

Suitable for:

  • Silage Effluent
  • Multi-chamber settlement tanks
  • Septic tank soakawys
  • Drainage & Building Excavations
  • Fish Farms

JS 400SV Non Clog Specification:

  • Outlet Diameter: 2″
  • KW: 0.4
  • Delivery: 240 Litres per minute
  • Maximum Head: 10m
  • Solids Diameter (max solids): 30mm
  • 400 Watt Motor

* Some JS models available in 110 volt

* JS models available in 3 phase

Overload Protection

OVERLOAD PROTECTION: It is strongly recommended that all SV & SK non-clog models used for sewage or farm waste are fitted with the overload protection control box. This is designed to protect the pump motor from damage by switching off the electricity supply in the event of the pump becoming jammed by foreign bodies e.g stones etc.

The control box is fitted in a waterproof enclosure with manual stop/start switch and also provides short circuit protection.

JS MODELS: are fitted with a strainer on the inlet and can be operated without overload protection, although it is a wise precaution particularly when pumping water with a high ratio of sediment.

There is a 10mtr cable between the pump and control box and a further short cable from the control box for mains connection.

OUTLET PIPING: For ease of installation a length of flexible hose can be fitted between the pump and the main outlet pipe. 3 mtrs reinforced flexible 2” hose complete with couplings to pump, quick release lever couplings and outlet pipe compression couplings. (please state diameter of main pipeline when ordering). £85.00

NON-RETURN VALVES: are not normally necessary when pumping from larger settlement tanks, slurry pits etc. When pumping from small collection pits and in most domestic sewage systems a non-return valve will usually be required to prevent run back from reactivating the float switch.



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