E.SYBOX Variable Speed Booster Pump Set

E.SYBOX Variable Speed Booster Pump Set


E.sybox Variable speed booster pump set is the ideal solution to solve any water pressurisation issues in larger dwellings and small commercial applications.  With its easy installation and quiet running it has never been so easy to boost water pressure.

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The future of pressure boosting e.sybox!

  • Self priming – sucks from a depth of 8 mtrs
  • Up to 9 units can be coupled together – for greater volumes of water.
  • Quiet operation – 4 dB
  • Compact design – 30% smaller than other variable speed pumps (can be fitted vertically or horizontally).
  • Easy access – for maintenance, all spare parts available.
  • Wireless communication – In situations where you couple more than one unit together communication between pumps is via wireless.
  • Built in dry run protection – In the case of a lack of water the pump will stop automatically, once the water level is restored the pump will automatically re-start.
  • Efficiency – Thanks to the inverter the motor speeds up and slows down with demand, thus using less electricity providing a considerable economic saving of up to 50% on electricity bills.
  • Performance – Up to 80 L/pm
  • 2 year guarantee


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