COMPAC Submersible Pump

COMPAC Submersible Pump

Submersible Pumps for Waste Water

The Compac Pump is designed to drain domestic water containing particles with a maximum diameter of 5mm. The integral float switch features manual or automatic operation.  The Compac is capable of pumping down to a level as low as 3mm. Ideal for cellar drainage.


Model Price
Compac 150 Auto £275
Compac 200 Auto £330
Call to enquire 01769 579487
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Compac 150 Features

  • Maximum Head: 7m
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 8,500 litres per hour
  • Maximum Drain Level: 3mm
  • Pump Outlet: 1¼”

The COMPAC 150 has a Maximum Head of 7m and a maximum Flow Rate of 8,500 litres per hour.

Compac 200 Features

  • Maximum Head: 10m
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 11,500 ltres per hour
  • Maximum Drain Level: 3mm
  • Pump Outlet: 1¼”

The COMPAC 200 has a Maximum Head of 10mand a maximum Flow Rate of 11,500 litres per hour.



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