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UV Filters – Water Sterilization

Ultra Violet sterilization is recommended for all private domestic water supplies (wells, boreholes etc.) and particularly for campsites, holiday complexes, food processing etc. and as an additional precaution in mains supplies.

Model Flow Rate (lpm) Connection W x H x D (mm) Weight kg Price (excl VAT) Flow Restrictor
UVAQ 20 23 3/4" 619 x 235 x 95 5.5 £345.00 n/a
UVAQ 30 45 3/4" 619 x 235 x 95 5.5 £435.00 £85.00
UVAQ 80 98 1" 1028 x 235 x 95 6.7 £795.00 £95.00
UVAQ 130 178 2" 1028 x 235 x 95 13 £1,295.00 £185.00
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Benefits of  ultraviolet sterilization:

  • Effective destruction of dangerous organisms that can pass through other treatment processes and reach your tap.
  • No residuals or harmful chemical by-products (such as Trihalomehthanes) are introduced into the water.
  • UV does not affect the taste, odour or clarity of the water.
  • Low maintenance .
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – UV systems are easily installed in your water supply line following any pretreatment that might be required
  • ECONOMICAL – UV systems require less energy than a typical household light bulb yet can disinfect the entire water supply.

Protect your Family from Micro Organisms

Eliminate bacteria in your drinking water!

Micro-organisms include tiny bacteria, viruses and cysts that exist in nature and are likely to be present in most private water supplies from wells, springs or boreholes.

Although most are harmless, exposure to dangerous micro-organisms can result in severe illness. Especially vulnerable are elderly people, those with weak immune systems and small children. The most effective way to destroy these organisms and prevent the potential for illness is through sterilization using ultraviolet (UV) light.

While other water treatment processes can improve the taste and clarity of your water, they are not designed to protect against dangerous micro-organisms. UV will instantly and effectively render dangerous organisms harmless.

Your UV unit must be chosen in accordance with the maximum flow rate that will be required. The UVAQ30 (45 lpm) is the normal choice for a standard domestic dwelling although the UVAQ20 (23 lpm) is sufficient for a small house where there are only one or two outlets on a rising main.

Larger units are available for groups of houses, campsites, farms and industrial installations.




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