Sewage Pumping Stations

Sewage Pumping Stations

The SPS Effluent pumping station is suitable for domestic and industrial sewage, septic tank soakaway water, farm effluent and waste water.  It is quick and easy to install and minimises building and plumbing costs. Ideal for housing developments, camp sites etc where a backup system is essential.

Model Price
SPS JS400SV/1000 Fitted with JS400SV 2” heavy-duty vortex sewage pump £1,395.00
 Includes electrical control box with main isolating switch and automatic overload cut-out. For standard domestic sewage or waste water with suspended solids
SPSJS750SK/1000 Fitted with JS750SK 2” heavy-duty sewage cutter pump and automatic overload cut-out. £1,775.00
Includes electrical control box with main isolating switch.  For domestic or industrial sewage, farm waste etc
SPSJS750SV/1000 Fitted with JS750SV 3” heavy-duty vortex sewage pump £1575.00
Includes electrical control box with main isolating switch & automatic overload cut-out.   3” internal plumbing. For 3” I/D (or larger) outlet pipe. For domestic or industrial sewage, farm waste etc
High/Low Warning Light To suit all single pump units £130.00
Pumps can be mounted on a guide rail system if required. Systems are also available with larger tanks, larger pumps and  macerator pumps. Also dual pump systems with automatic changeover, or 3 phase pumps
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The SPS system consists of a moulded one piece High Density Linear Polyethylene tank, containing a submersible pump ready rigged with all necessary internal pipe work, quick release couplings, float switch, isolating valve, non return valve etc and complete with 110mm drain inlet coupling and discharge pipe coupling.

The standard system is based on a 1.5 meter deep tank of 1000 litre capacity but tank are available up to 4.5 meters depth and up to 8000 litre capacity.  A wide range of pumps can be fitted according to the application, including vortex pumps, cutter pumps and macerators.

Complete with 10 tonne access cover.

A range of heavy duty submersible pumps for:

  • Domestic and Industrial Sewage
  • Septic Tank Soakaway Water
  • Farm Effluent
  • Waste Water

Twin pump systems are also available fitted with two pumps which operate alternately ensuring equal usage and automatically checking for correct operation. In the event of a failure or blockage an audible or visual alarm is triggered and the faulty pump can be removed for servicing without interrupting operation of the second pump..


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