Quantum Dirty Water System

Quantum Dirty Water System


A complete packaged pumping system designed to pump dirty water from slurry lagoons or settlement tanks and operate mobile irrigators or static sprinklers. High pressure ratings enable operation at high heads and over long pipe lengths.

Model Price
Quantum 5-12 SCT Max 8 Bar Single Phase £6,750
Quantum 5-12 SCT Max 8 Bar Three Phase £6,250
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Quantum systems are designed around high quality Seepex progressive cavity pumps which use the unique 6L geometry to reduce pump operating speeds and surface velocity of the rotor, resulting in reduced mechanical stress and greatly increasing the life of the rotor and stator.

Another important design feature is the innovative dry run protection system. A sensor monitors the temperature between the rotor and stator and should a critical point be reached a remote controller automatically shuts down the pump to avoid serious damage and a warning light is illuminated.

The Quantum system is supplied complete and ready to operate mounted in a galvanised steel chassis with its own weather proof housing and automatic frost protection. The control panel containsall electrical controls, including mains isolation switch, MCB fuses, current overload protection and dry run protection.

The Quantum Q5 models are designed to operate a Briggs model 2 or model 5 mobile irrigator (or similar).
Larger models e.g. for Briggs Model 10 etc can be built to individual specifications. All models can operate static sprinklers
For details and prices of Briggs Irrigators ask us.
All Quantum models are available with either single or three phase motors.


Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) means faster maintenance, shorter downtime and significantly reduced life cycle costs.

The smart stator is divided into two parts, so that maintenance can easily be done by one person without the need to remove either the suction or discharge pipe work. Additionally the two piece smart rotor allows for quick and easy removal and replacement without the need to dismantle the joint or use special tools, saving time and money. The result: Maintenance in the shortest possible time resulting in less
downtime and increased productivity.

Summary of Benefits:

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Complete ready to operate system; just connect to inlet and outlet pipe and electricity supply.
  • SOLIDS HANDLING – Can handle water containing particles in thick suspension.
  • DRY RUN PROTECTION – Stator has integral thermal sensor which automatically switches the pump off to eliminate damage caused by dry running.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – No filter to clean. Designed for simple low cost servicing.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER RECOVERY – Following an interruption to the power supply the system switches back on automatically. No manual reset is necessary.
  • FROST PROTECTION – Heater unit is automatically switched on when temperature drops to danger level. Pressure sensor switches off pump if sprinkler or pipes freeze up.
  • AUTO SHUT OFF – Pressure sensor switches pump off when irrigator reaches end of run.
  • WARNING LIGHT – Illuminates when irrigator auto shut off operates or to indicate a fault.


  • Dimensions L1820mm x W 910mm x H1050
  • The unit needs a firm level hard standing, preferably concrete. Ideal size about 2mtrs x 2mtrs
  • The inlet is at rear and outlet on left hand side. Both have 2″ male threads
  • Suction pipe can be 63mm alkathene or flexible suction hose
  • Main alkathene pipe can be connected directly to pump outlet with a 63mm couplinghere needs to be a shut off valve in the pipe at some point
  • Alternatively the flexible hose kit can be used to couple to the main pipe


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